The development and implementation of a project model 

● Analysis of the current situation 

● Development of proposals for model 

● Development of strategy for the introduction of model 

● Inclusion of project 

Project Management 

● The operational project management of projects in product development, process development and organizational management. Also includes the area of project support.

Project Support

● Help with the administration of the project such as setting up a project containing the timetable, missions, risk analysis and a stakeholder. 

● Follow up and updating of the Time Schedule. 

● Secretary of the project meeting 

● Help to set up status reports. 

● Sounding Board to Project Managers


● Management of working meetings or seminar with the purpose to reach a common goal. 

Document Management 

● Development of the structure of how the documents in the company or the project is to be stored and handled. 

Change Management

● Analysis of the current situation 

● To develop the path to the desired position for the organization. 

● Development of a road map

● Support for the introduction. 

Acting Manager

● Operation of all the information a line manager for shorter or longer. 


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